Sunday, May 3, 2015

New plant!


No we didn't have an Audrey II come to live with us, But my daughter and I did go see the local theater stage production and got to pose with Audrey II after the show.

So Stickrod-Stickie-Wickie-Pokey-Wokey-Oregon-Ash-Suck-it-Russell has officially survived the winter and has grown a bit since this picture....

He now looks like this, and those are his fellow pot-heads Spirit and Nirit (Baby pumpkin plants) in the next pot over.

Who that is that is growing IN his pot is a mystery. We didn't plant anything there. So it might just be an Audrey III....

We got a new plant last week. On the free table at my work a bunch of bamboo hostages showed up.

This one came home with me.

and....before you call CPS...that's not a real broken arm, its just a sling that is in the dress up clothes.

SO I know your dying to meet our new family member. This plant is also a boy. I have carefully untied all the zip ties on it so it can grow as it wants vs being a bondage-bamboo.

His name is:

Bambooganoogin Plant-Slasher Russell.

BWHAHAHAHAA! I can't wait to someday in the far far future meet my grandchildren...I can't wait to see what my children name them.

As we were tossing around names my husband says quietly, "I'm just going to call it 'Plant' ."

Which I found hysterical, because:
A. He never talks to our plants
B. He has always gave us plant namers/talkers wide space in our eccentric nuttiness.

BPSR will get replanted as soon as I have the energy to pick up my arms. I will also be planting a bazillion onions. I'm going to drive my husband crazy and name each one as they spout up. LOL.

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