Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Skinned part two

* * * Trigger for dark imagery. I promise. I won't leave her there.* * *

* * * * I guess she is not coming out willingly...I better go get her... * * * *

Nestled in her earthy bed she slumbered silently for years until at last she felt the sun's light reaching through the dirt to warm her. It called and pulled at her until she reluctantly responded by arching her back and leaning into it. The light pulled her from her cocoon of dirt.

As she broke the surface her arms flailed and to she found leaves on them. The  gentle wind twisted her supple trunk and made her dance in the warm light.

"you don't belong here." the dagger tree next to her told her. "You belong with other humans."

Her little leaves drooped and fell off like tears. "I want to be a tree. To have roots and never have to move. Just to silently stand still and blend in."

"You will never blend in, you don't belong here." it growled, as it flexed it thorns her direction.

She felt her bark wither and flake from her trunk., until she was peeled. She slumped and bend down and laid flat on the earth and closed her eyes. "I don't belong with humans either." she sobbed.

"freak" it hissed slowly, then turned away.

She felt her little roots snap and release her from the earth. She didn't struggle. She laid still as the forest life shined happily on around her. Her tears moistened the earth beneath her until she slowly sunk below the muddy surface, rootless and lost. In this bog, the darkness covered her with its blanket and its weight pinned her down in a comforting smoothing, stillness.

She at last took a deep shuddering breath and was still.

As time passed, her trunk became saturated with murky ground water. She could feel herself ever, so, slowly, dissolving and dissipating into the dank mud around her.

I will just cease to be. She silently thought. No one knows I am here.

"Not true." came a voice through the murk. I know you're there."

end of part two...

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