Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bittersweet two

slowly getting back on serious writing until I have fully adjusted to the new night shift schedule....I want the subjects I was discussing to have my full attention and not have any loopy thoughts tossed in there. I am having issues sleeping with one of my medication so most work days I am functioning on 2-3 hours of sleep.

We hit the fair in my home town in August.

and ....much like the camping trip, it was, very bittersweet.

A sad reminder that, that time in my life has passed. It took a powerful physical toll on me. I hurt something fierce for quite a while after it.

I think they might be serious when they say: "people with neck and/or back injuries shouldn't ride the rides."

The attendance was very low, so we again basically had the run of the place. It was fantastic.

I started the day off riding this ride with both kids.  I have been on it before but they hadn't. So when I told them, it takes you up and then drops you my daughter had no idea. In hind sight I should have used the term "fall" instead of drop.

Scared my daughter to death. She thought she was going to die.

*plinks 20$ into her future therapy fund*

For a few hysterical moments after I thought the day was done. But they recovered and off we went.

 She can ride all by herself now. She pasted that magic line.
 We spent a lot of time here, tilting and whirling.
 Screaming ourselves silly.

The rock club had a name the pet rock contest. Brilliant!
 My kids are rock hounds like the rest of their family.

Love the wheel! We always play it least twice. This year we won glow in the dark rock slugs.
 I refuse to do "clown town" It just kills my back.

 He is such a blessing, that son of mine. Here he is helping little sister.
 Goats who stare at women.
 He can drive her now, and she can drive if he does the peddles. They would goof off and "auto pilot" and drive with no hands on the wheel. It felt weird to drive by my self. Mama-bumper-car-chauffeur, now obsolete.

 This was as busy as it got. Love the small town feeling.
 Goofing off on the tilt-a-whirl. I finally had to stop riding it, it was doing a number on my poor neck.
 Missing their co-pilot.
Oh, my beautiful son, may you attend fairs and ride rides for a thousand years. May you always find smiles and laughter in this life. Hang onto the memories and special things that make fairs exciting to you. May someday you take your own children and your crippled old mother in her wheel chair to the fair. Because I will always want to go. Always, even if I can't ride the rides, I will still want to go and soak in that essence that makes fairs so magical....and spin the wheel.


  1. I love small town fairs too! "Goats who stare at women".... Gave me a good laugh :)

    1. LOL, the goat picture was too funny, when I posted it to face book it wanted me to tag the goat, and gave me the option to do so! I so wanted to tag it!