Monday, September 22, 2014

The far away right next door girls

I found your lantern near where I kicked mine..
ill hold it until you are ready for it back?
My feet pound out an ancient rhythm as I sprint through the rich darkness of the forest. My long hair streams behind me gathering moss and twigs as the foliage tries to slow me. My naked body casts no shadow as I leap over the churning stream.
The only sound is my song that seems out of place in the lulling hush of the forest. I toss my head as I slow to a trot. Head back I dance in a circle as the dappled sunshine tickles me. My voice like crystal rain drops nourishing the forest.
I live.
I breathe.
I sing.
Because of this eden.
I at last fall into the embrace of the trees. The rich red bark nourishes me. Rejuvenates me, renews me.
Like a snake shedding its skin, I feel the weight of life slough off of me. The pure childlike energy infuses my parched soul.
The wind pokes at me, with the near by ferns, asking for my attention.
Her cries, cut through the calm.
Like a lost kitten's soft mews.
I peel myself from my red mother's embrace and go searching for the source of the sound.
I find her under a log wedged in deep.
Her eyes even deeperly wedged in.
I lay down and stare at her.
She stares back.
I close my eyes at last and painfully mew a deep guttural sound, then begin to sing. "I am lost. I am so lost here."
Her eyes light up.
I roll over onto my back and stare at the sky through the wafting canopy. I take a deep breath and sing louder to the sky. " I don't even know what I am doing here."
I here a scratching sound in the dirt as she shifts and edges closer.
"My existence here is meaningless. I have no purpose here. I want to stay here in this eden forever..."
"...and slumber with the trees." she concludes. Rolling out to lay next to me.
I sit up slowly and look at her legs. They are bruised and still carry the remnants of the chains that bind her, and enslave her. "I know this pain." I offer gently touching her chains. I know this pain."
She startles from my touch. feeling awkward and exposed that someone can see the stuff hidden in her heart.
I softly take her hand and hold it. "We are the far away right next door girls. Bound by a shared past of pain and mistrust and hurt. So great this cosmic link that it will seem like I am reading your diary. That I am inside your head."
She draws back as fear clouds her eyes.
"I will not hurt you, " I continue "I will only listen and validate you. You can always be yourself with me. my place in your life is to just be your refection in the mirror. I will always be there if you need me. A far away member of your life team..." I tap her heart gently. "I am always here if you need me."
I let go of her hand and slowly rise, shaking the forest floor from my backside.
"Will you ever need me?" she asks sitting up.
I smile and cup her face and kiss her forehead. "why do you think you came into my life? I needed you as well."
She smiles. "You touch me deeply with your voice. Thank you for your songs."
I touch my heart, and smile down at her. "thank you for your ears. It's so nice to be heard...and to share the journey, pain and all. Its nice to have someone who walks a little slower to travel with."
she retreats under the log, with one last smile.
I turn a pirouette and extend my arms and reach my voice again to the sky, as my song fills the forest. My feet again take to the dance and begin to pound out the ancient rhythm as I fade into the richness that surrounds me.

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  1. I cherish every word, every connection far and near, here and there, for space and time work different for us..I've b distant but still here, *pinching my arm* yup, still here.