Friday, November 23, 2012

omg you guys...stop that! what the heck!

I am suddenly getting numerous request for the stone statues story. Yes, I know how powerful it is. (I lived it remember?)

Let me do some deep soul searching on this one. That is a part of me that I have kept off the blog on purpose. I am not sure I want to go (you do realize that most people do not know what that story reveals, don't you?)

Part of me wonders why this time of the year would prompt the need in you to revisit that particular post.

The other part wonders why you remember it? (and so many of you...did it touch that many people?)

I just re-read it several times trying to see what it would give you. I don't see it. I ALSO do not see how I can edit it to not be so revealing.

First though, you must tell me why receiving a copy of it via email isn't good enough. Why do you want to see  it here.

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