Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shrapnel 2

Out side we found out packs and rifles neatly stacked and ready to go. Three sacks sat upon my pack.

Shaking my throbbing hand I glanced around the murky storage shed. No sign of Tiomo. What new game was this?

Naked's maniacal laughter returned my focus.

"He packed us lunch" He said shoving one of the sacks under my face to show me.

As my tired mind whirled at the sight of an apple, some jerky and a sandwich nestled in the sack, Moserat shouldered his pack and checked his rifle. "Lets go." He hissed.

"He packed us lunch?" I echoed. I felt father shift in my head, like he used to do before leaning across the table to cuff me.

I slowly raised up my eyes to meet Moserats. "How did you know the door was unlocked?"

In the sudden stillness Naked squirmed like a puppy about to piss on the floor. "Yeaaaaaah" he said to Moserat with all the confidence of a stalk of celery.

Moserat gave us both a cold look and backed up only a few steps before his glistening black skin dematerialized into the shadows.

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