Saturday, January 11, 2014

Blogground check

So taking my cue from the Greeks, who would have present three tragedies and then a comedy play on theater night, I'm going to switch to some fluffy lighter stuff while I wrestle with the next deep story I am working on. I don't want to make you suffer through a three part-er again so trying to finish it all at once.

In the mean time I am faced with an interesting dilemma. Hansolo joined Girl Scouts this school year and is now up and running in the cookie season.

For me to be able to help out at the booth sales, I must register and have a background check done.



Lets have a good look at my back ground.

In 1969 I was in a gang...

Their not going to go back that far!

No? Dang it I was rocking those shades as I roamed the range on Marvel the Mustang.

Their looking for criminal activity.

hmmmm...well then they should skip the background check and do a blogground check then. I have confessed to murder just recently...



You just invented a whole new word. "Blogground check."

Great, the government will run with it and waste more of our tax money to set up the BGC agencies to check all our blogs. The financial burden of hiring people to read and then debrief from reading blogs all day will cripple out economy and the free world will be hamstringed and die a horrible death.

But, wait....that means I will get more readers....WE WILL ALL GET MORE READERS!

This could work!

oh the possibilities! I could be hired to do ghost-blogging, for people who want to have a good blogground check on file....or make even more money by writing bad blogs for those who want to fail their blogground checks to stay on unemployment!

Not only have I added a new word to the world I have created multiple new jobs and endless financial wealth for myself!

You can cross off number 5 on you list of new years resolutions, now.

Oh yeah!

5. Make the world a better place.

Yup, boom baby done.


  1. Critcal analysis of "Blogground Check": I found this to live up to the pre-hype reporting it to be hysterical. The pacing is excellent. The humor understated with a dash of zing. The plot line encompassing multiple thematic articles. Storyline effectively evolving to meld seamlessly into a final seque cumulating in a climatic resolution of your concept ultimately rendering the fabic of the universe. Well done, grasshopper, well done.

  2. OMG... I so love this! I look forward to your blogs. They are as awesome as the one writing them. :) Gra' Bonnie