Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Just because someone is your sister doesn't mean they have to like you. I think my older sister tolerated me an awful lot in childhood. We were two different breeds. She was an out going tend setter, while I was a eccentric lunatic.

After she moved out at 18, we became off and on again pen pals. Dueling with each other in hysterical letters. I have kept all her letters. Just in case I need to present them as evidence in court  ever wanted to read them again.

They are hysterical. I will share her altered-chain letter as soon as I can figure out how to make it readable.

So much of her writing to me is so warped and wonderfully funny that I can't share it. Our jokes are biting and often so obscure that others would not get the joke.

This is my favorite thing she ever wrote to me. I was a tweenager and she the all powerful teenager.

I can remember getting this card very vividly. I was shocked that my sister who barely acknowledged my existence would take the time to give me a VD card. It also made me a bit paranoid as it had been years since our mother had stopped forcing us to give each other VD cards.

February 1977

I turned it over expecting to find just her signature,  but instead found this declaration of her true sisterly love.


*sniff* Gets me every time. I stand humbled at her sheer greatness. I love you too sister!

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