Sunday, January 12, 2014

one through four

Question from a reader:  If #5 was" make the world a better place" what were the 1-4 new years resolutions?

Not as exciting I am afraid.

1. Stop crusting the kids toast.

Sure sounds simple doesn't it? I have already failed at this one. My son with oral sensation issues who hates food to begin with, nearly died of cardiac arrest when I handed him toast with crust.
"I guess I will just stop eating toast!" he wailed.
I sighed, pondering do I fight this? Or do I put my foot down? Hard looked at the facts, My son eats toast and Broccoli and chicken right now (That's it). I marched back to the kitchen and crusted his toast.
I am still trying to work up the nerve to present my daughter with toast with crust.

2. Get back on track with eating right again.

Closet thing to a green vegetable my daughter has consumed in 6 months was when her brother tripped her and she fell in the grass and got some in her mouth.

3. new work clothes

Beings I work remotely most of the time now, there is really no reason to get dressed...or do my hair, shave my legs, heck even to put my teeth in. I roam around the house dressed in barely more then a wookie.

4. I couldn't come up with a # 4 so skipped to #5.

and that was as many challenges as I wanted to tackle this year.

Ehhhh....I should postdate # 4 to be : "continue to resist the urge to post a picture of your butt on your blog...Just to keep the world safe and not screw up #5 which I accomplished yesterday, eh?

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