Sunday, January 5, 2014

Boob photos!

Oh get your mind out of the gutter, these aren't pictures OF my boobs, they're pictures my boobs TOOK.

Besides haven't you seen enough of my boobs?

It is important to know about me, that I have a history of getting camera's and never reading the manual. I just assume because my great-grandfather was an award winning photographer, as well as my aunt and sister too that I should naturally just take dazzling photographs with ease, as well as have complete mastery of the camera.

My first 35mm was a nice camera and I loved it. After about a year of use I wanted a self timer so I bought one for the camera. After unsuccessfully attaching it I went to my much wiser sister and ask for her help. She got the manual and read it. After a few minutes she looked up suddenly and whacked me in the head with the manual, and laughed "Your camera has a BUILD in self timer!"


To forever remember my shame she made me pose with it and we deliberately broke as many rules of "good photography" as we could.

Rules of photography broken:
1. post coming out of head
2. photographers shadow on subject
3. cluttered back ground
4. direct sunlight open aperture

When I got my new camera in 2012 My first real chance to road test it was at the family reunion. I mean I hadn't even learned much about it, except, how to turn it off and on and how to put it on the idiot setting. You know the one, that does all the thinking for you.

We had all gathered for the group shot and I had to kneel down to get in the shot. I tucked my camera under my boob and held it there with my knee.

After the pictures I wandered up the parking lot and on my way back down saw these flowers. I stopped and snapped a quick shot. As I adjusted the zoom lens for the second shot I noticed that my boob had messed with the settings so I turned it back to the idiot setting.

this was the picture my boob took.

This is the picture I took after resetting the camera.

I wasn't even aware my boob new how to use the other settings let alone the zoom lens!

Earlier this month in the snow, I went out to take some shots and knelt down to tie my shoe and the same scenario happened. Used my boob and knee to hold the camera for a second.

This time when I stood back up I noticed the new settings my boob put the camera on. I laughed recalling the above photo and left the camera on the strange settings.

These are the latest boob photos! Go figure my cleavage knows my camera better than I do!

Now if I could just get by boobs to do the dishes or something productive!

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