Wednesday, April 23, 2014

cheater cheater pumpkin eater

Told myself I could not blog anything new until I do something with the numerous "drafts" I have in the blog queue.  This was the easiest one to tackle. 

This photo is from 4 years ago. I had someone come to the house to see me and we had gone upstairs so we could talk quietly.

When it was time to go we came down stairs to this.

My friend gasped and murmured under her breath 'ummmmsombuddysgunagetintroublllllle."

I laughed and showed her out. I let her leave thinking I was a horrible mother who had no control over my children, and that my kids were unruly heathens.

It was easier then explaining that...this was a game of "fire drill".

I played this as a kid and love this game. Taught it to my children as well.

My older brother invented this game, one boring afternoon as my mother took off to go shopping. Leaving the lot of us alone.

He just suddenly announced "FIREDRILL!!!" and stood up and tossed the couch cushions out the open window. Then climbed though and leapt onto the cushions.

While we were stunned and our brains tried to sort out what the heck just happened. He ran around to the front door and pounded on it.

We opened it and he came in shouting "FIRE DEPARTMENT!! EVERYONE OUT!!" and started stuffing us out the window.

Game on.

In short order we were all "rescued" and promoted to firemen.

Then we started evacuating the living room furniture. Out the window it went if it fit, or our the door if it didn't.

In short order the living room was bare.

Then we stopped for a split second and surveyed the impromptu yard sale we suddenly had going on.

Older Brother cocked his head and listened. "I hear the station wagon! Mama's coming!"

We all froze in terror.

He knew just what to do...

"REVERSE FIREDRILL!!! he shouted, and sprung into action.

In short order the house was returned to normal.

Our mother returned to find us laying in the living room watching Gilligan's Island. Blissfully unaware of the shenanigans we had pulled.

Not wanting my own children to miss out on this type of fun, I was sure to teach them the basics of the game.

They learned to play it indoors though. With the condensed version for those that don't have 5+ sibling on hand to carry stuff.

It was easy to get them to clean up that mess.

I closed the door after my friend left and took that picture. Then I put on the pirate hat that is under the muffin tin and got on the skate board by the couch.

I used the "reacher-grabber" to pick up a single playing card and place it on the floor face up, and said, "I win."

Game on.

In no time the cards were in a neat pile.

I used the reacher-grabber to then toss a farm animal into its bucket. A rain storm of flying animals followed it.

I grabbed a pumpkin and turned to them..."Trick or treat"

and they filled my pumpkin with small toys.

Cleaning up was painless and just part of the game.

A simple in the moment childhood game that is satisfying as well as fun as heck to play.

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