Wednesday, April 2, 2014


******************* TRIGGER WARNING *******************

He leans over and slowly smooth's the rough edges of the darkness as it pools adoringly at his feet. He fumbles with the latch on its leash. The darkness bristles and hisses. Then realizes its free. It rises like an exhale and takes flight. Dematerializing into the night.

Two short drags off his cigarette and he snubs it out barely noticing the slight tremor of his hand. The sound of life fading in a fuzzy numbness.

He retrieves the keyboard  from the floor and sets it back on the table. Several keys are missing giving the a toothless grin.

Again the hand tremor.

He places the ear buds in, and for a second holds them there with his fingers. The music whispers its confession directly inside his head. His soul flat lines. No response.

He turns up the volume trying to crack through. His head bobbing with the pounding base.

Empty inside. the normally comforting music withholds its embrace.

He draws in an jagged breath and lashes out, pounding out angry words on the keyboard. Hell bent on harming those who would read them. Sharp slicing words meant to draw blood and leave wounds. Meant to murder and damage.

The darkness condenses and falls on him like a cloak. Offering its familiar presence as the only comfort as he writes. Only when the tears fall does he stop.

The pain contained for the night in its flat prison. Captured in type. Rendered.

He pauses. Sighs deeply, suddenly aware that his skin is so heavy.

He leans back with eyes closed. Adrift. His soul caves in as he tries to breath. Drowning. Banned forever from returning to land.


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    1. urk, wow Trent good pick up there....must not have been as subtle as I thought. :( struggling tonight.