Saturday, April 26, 2014

Our new tree's birthday story

After the adventures we had with Christmas Tree I wasn't sure there was a tree out there with big enough roots to fill his roots.

I knew when the time was right the next tree would come into our lives.  Much like cats, trees will find you when there ready to come live with you.

Wednesday I saw a small note in the paper: "Free seedlings at the grange on Friday."

Might as well have read "Young tree seedling waiting for the serial plant killer to come get it."

Cause that is all my heart heard.

So with the kids in tow I headed down on Friday to meet our new tree.

When they pulled him from the bucket and we got a look at him. My daughter exclaimed "There giving us a STICK?"

My soul bust up into hysterics. Yup. This is the right tree for us.

I knew right away it was a boy. You have to have BALLS to be brave enough to come home with the likes of us.

As we walked back out to the truck we started naming him.

Hansolo: I want to name it Stickrod

Me: I think it wants to be named Stickie-wickie. It looks like a wand with roots.

JUR: lets call it Oregon Ash (its type of tree)

As we climbed in the truck the first thing it did was poke me in the face, and sealed its middle name.


The "suck it" a reference to the fact we have just watched multiple seasons of Psych, and have been running that phrase into the ground. Though now we have warped it "STICK IT!"

As we drove I talked to Stickrod. I filled him in as to who his new family was. My twelve year old son looked at me like I was insane.

"why are you talking to it? it doesn't have a brain or ears. That is just dumb."

We had a brief discussion about carbon dioxide and oxygen and how we help each other.  While he could see the benefit to talking to trees he still mumbled "The words don't mean anything to them, they don't understand them."

I turned back to talking to Stickrod who was laying on the console between us.

"I should tell you I am a plant and tree killer..." I started.

JUR grabs Stickrod and moves him away from me and starts talking to him. "Don't listen to her, your safe with us."

"We killed out last tree." I continued.

My son then held his hands over the seedling like he was coving its ears. Bwahahahaaa!

 Hansolo did the honors this time.

Just like her brother she spend some time playing in the dirt.

Not forgetting Stickrod is a baby she got some toys for him.

Big Bro approves.

Now we will wait and see what mischievous fun this little one legged has up its stick.

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