Friday, May 2, 2014

Another visit from my friend Ken Turkey

Back in March we had a visit from Ken Turkey.

We yesterday he visited again.

Me and the Kids had gone to KFC to eat after school.  Hansolo questioned me as to the meaning of the initials KFC.

I told her. "Kentucky Fried Chicken"

We talked about how in my childhood it was known by its whole name and over time it got shorted down to just KFC. Which prompted me to notice that its not spelled out any where in the restaurant any more.

As we are leaving Hansolo points to the big KFC on the door and from memory "reads" its.

"Ken Fuckiefied Chicken."

As my son howled with laughter. I helped her with her pronunciation.

She reacted to the howls of brother by looking sad.

So as we climbed in the truck I  shared with them my own trouble with pronouncing states names.

"Its okay Hansolo, when I was in first grade we took turns reading aloud in class, and I had to read a paragraph about Virginia. And I pronounced it as Vagina."

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