Thursday, May 22, 2014

The adventures of BJ Birddrop

In my vault of early writing is a cartoon series featuring a young boy named BJ Birddrop and his dogs.  Its nothing that will ever be famous, but to my early fans, its a cult classic. I want to share him with the internet. Not because its an awesome cartoon...but because the thought of him living on in cyberspace is too amusing to pass up.

The one running gag in the series is that all his dogs die in the end. Don't raise your eyebrows at me...we have already cover this.

BJ, the internet.

Internet, BJ Birddrop.

You're welcome.

(there are three versions of my comic stip. The first ones, pencil and paper, the second ones very large drawing paper done in pen/ink and water colors and this version you see here. The one very disappointing part of the colored pencils ones is I could not find a pencil that accurately depicted the proper skin tones of the African American characters. It made me cringe to have to use black. To see Bonnie and Todd there in black, makes me cringe even today. Years and years later I did find a colored pencil maker that had the right shade and I used it in my children books.)

(Kathy there is the daughter of a NON-family member from the 3rd adventure, no kissing cousins here...)

Damn....BJ is 31+ year old??!!! BWAHAHAHAHAA!  Oh, my old friend...thank you for helping me hone my illustrating skills on your adventures. And no, you can't walk my dog.

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