Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Alien screen savers

This is really for my sister, there are too many pictures to email, and my onsite "tech support" isn't home to zip them up for me.

For everyone else: I am still trying to buck out my latest "forest story" ...it's not cooperating.

So in the mean time.... here are the "ocean pictures" I took on our recent trip. Clicking on them will make them bigger. You should know by now I don't see things like normal people...all I saw this trip was alien stuff.


Stuff like blobs....

and claw monsters.

and lots and lots of ectoplasm.

It was very windy and with my rickety old body it was a constant challenge to squat down and maintain my stillness to take these macro shots. Darn near got blown over quite a few times.

Yup, there was normal beach there too.

This is my favorite shot on the whole roll. Showed the kids how to fly and off they went.  My camera has a delay so I was quite excited to be able to snap the perfect shot in mid flight.

Jelly blobs. These were dead.

We were blessed with finding a few live ones rolling along the edge of the surf.  This little one has a sunset "tail" and would stop  and change direction when ever we stepped in front of it. Cool fun to share them with the kids.

There must be quite the feeding spot beyond those waves the gulls were always out there feeding.

My camera was able to pick up the fine while sand being blown over the hole.

Driftwood and I have a long love affair. I have always see more there then others.

Lookit what pops out when you use the flash...

Alien with big eyes and a grinning mouth of lava!!
and speaking of gapping maws....

Love the detail.

Got 75 cents?


 Planet surface.

Imagine what I could do if I was to actually learn to use my camera vs. just shooting on the idiot setting all the time.

can't decide if I like flash on or off on this one.

I'll pick up my blue ribbons at the fair office.

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