Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Guest blogger

The heat is just doing a number on me this summer and I'm just too uncomfortable to sit and blog. So my daughter is stepping in as guest blogger today. She has a group on face book called "Calm, but Wild." This is one of her latest posts.

uh, she is eight years old.

Her writing already eclipses mine. Its amazing to watch the writer/illustrator unfold in her.

ok are you calm today or what? i am. ehem.
How To Be Calm Every Morning
1. sleep
2. get up when you body says its time
3. eat food, slowly
4. sit someplace
5. take deep breaths
6. do something fun on your computer
7. when done, go to your room.
8. rest
9. wake up and breath
and finally, number 10. you may be full of energy, so be wild! and repeat this cycle if you want!

 (ps. when you need to rest in the how to be wild thing, go calm!) -Stairlia

copy cat! you copied what i did! do it your own way, animal! -DarkStar

 How To Be Wild Every Morning
Step 1. whenever your eyes open, get up right away! or you'll never be wild like me!
2. eat your wild food for breakfast.
3. ask to go outside.
4. once outside, run around, dance, or play something that relates to nature.
5. go to a forest. (remember to ask your parents!)
6. once at forest, go tree jumping! (climb from tree to tree)
7. after that, sneak up on anyone you see! (my favorite tactic)
8. go home, if music is in your mind, or you here music.... DANCE!
9. you may get tired out, so rest a bit.
and finally, the last step, number 10. Go wild everywhere! and repeat the cycle if necessary!
so there's your how to be wild instructions. come back later!
-The Wild DarkStar

see?! you COPIED me! -DarkStar

no, i didn't. that is a common way of doing things. -Stairlia

HEY!!! its MY way of doing things! don't ever do this again! -DarkStar

oh brother.... would both of you go home?! -Me

NEVER!!!! -Both

now i am WILD! -Stairlia

well i'm always wild. -DarkStar

would both of you take this fight somewhere else?! -Calild

ok! -Both

(talking and arguing at a park nearby) -Both

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