Monday, August 24, 2015

KJ, did you think I wouldn't notice?

Did you think I wouldn't notice when a fellow traveler fell off the life raft?

When someone hiking in the same direction as me and the others, suddenly gets eaten by a bear and there is a space left behind.

I noticed your getting sucked into the cyber black hole that consumes efriends.

The writer in me, of course will fill in the details as to why you became a greyed out ghost.

The anxiety worries and frets.

Which is strange considering the nature of our friendship. I have always contributed this phenomenon to the fact that despite not really being close to knowing cyber friends all that well, I don't forget that behind the key board there lives and breaths a real person.

Who the anxiety automatically assumes has ceased to breath. See how fast you get written off? LOL.

The writer in me though...oh she knows better.

She spins fabulous yarns, to continue your story and holds your place in the line.

Like, after winning the lottery you and your family unplugged and are hell-bent on seeing every last damn thing to see on this planet. Currently your sailing out on the high seas with the wind in your hair and the waves being your son's legs.

Like, your have been placed in the cyber relocation program and will surface later as a viral cat named Twominutes.

Or that after reading my blog for all these years you finally were driven insane and are now eating crayons in the back room.

I have that effect on people. snerk.

My blog has claimed its first victim.

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