Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fitting together

I wanted to share the very, very weird thing that happened when I got married.

I had everything for the kitchen except, mixer and spatulas and a butter brush. Guess what he had?

He owned VCR tapes but no VCR, and he had a tv stand.

I had a VCR, and a TV, but no stand.

I owned a computer desk and a printer, but no computer.

He had the computer but not the other things.

I owned a broom, he had a vacuum, and mop.

He was debt free with a savings, I supplied the 30,000+ debt.

The only duplicate items we owned was a Carmen CD "Passion for Praise", and the book, Chess for Dummies.

We slid together seamlessly.

Not one for those old clich├ęs but we did "complete" each other.

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