Friday, August 21, 2015

Guest blogger II

Another post from the wee one. This time its her Facebook page: Creatures Of All. The illustration's are from other stories, I edited them in to this one. (She wants you to know that.)

*looks around for Static* okay this is stupid. i saw him around here for a second last night.... and where'd he go? i know he's around here somewhere.... he can't just disappear.... or can he? ... -DarkSky

HA!!!! i'm not even close to you, DarkSky. i'm over here! -Static

you got me blamed for the fire!!!! you're coming to me Static. i've got you. *makes eyes glow in sparkling light* -DarkSky

i see you DarkSky! but you don't see me... HA!! -Static

now i've got you... -DarkSky..

wait.... what??? -Static

*fires a blast at Static at close range* take that for getting me... -DarkSky

WHY ARE YOU HITTING REDSKY?????!!!!!!!!!!!! get down here right now!!!! DarkSky!!!! *narrows eyes and roars with anger* -Starlight

wait... huh????? this isn't... -DarkSky

argh!! i have fallen.... but i still can get away! -Static

who... huh???? you're not RedSky... i'm sorry as heck DarkSky... i should've believed you... -Starlight

apology accepted. now help me catch this mass island destroyer!!!! -DarkSky

yeah i guess i should fly up.... DarkStar!!!! hop on!! and we'll catch that Static... -Starlight

great now i'm being followed by two alphas... i bet i can confuse them! -Static

not on your life! -DarkStar

*roars* i'm on you, Static! *narrows eyes* you're staying here! -DarkSky

great... *dives straight to the water* -Static

*makes eyes glow* wait... he's heading for the water! *dives for Static* -DarkSky

*speeds as fast as a Star Fury can go and roars* i see him... -StarLight
*rams Static and they both fall to the water* help! -DarkSky

*scream roar* ADVANCED SALLA REPORT HERE!!!!!!! GET THOSE WINGS IN FLIGHT!!!!! SAVE THE TRUTH WORTHY FRIEND DARKSKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Scratch

i'm here! clan! save DarkSky! i help too! -Salla

*electricity sparks come out of his body* -Static

*regains consciousness and flys away* -Static

*regains consciousness and hovers in place* *growls and narrows eyes in the direction of Static* -DarkSky

lets head home. lets be glad he's gone. *dragon purr* -Starlight

guess you're right.... *unnarrows eyes* -DarkSky

(C) 8-21-15 Hannaloha State - all rights reserved.

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