Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Gamer girl

Husband was filling out insurance forms from the new bank account. He left two of the questions blank, so I asked him who the beneficiary of the policy would be, so I could fill it in.

He replied "You of course."

I laughed, and read him the follow up question. "It wants to know what my relationship is to you."

He grins and looks at me with a sly look. "my opponent!"

As a diehard gamer girl, I find that statement very erotic. *swoon!*

 Things I find romantic, forget violin music....the sound of chess clocks being tapped, the sound of a 20 sided dice being rolled, cards being shuffled, husbands BG character dying...husband saying," want to be in my squadron?" Husband chuckling as he lobs a RPG at my location, oh the list is endless....and to think...I can play him everyday.


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