Sunday, October 21, 2012

Assassin's creed for nintendo ds!!!????

Why did I not know this!!

The monthly budget got shot all to heck this month. Between my medical bills and everything else its just a train wreck.

Talked to hubby and told him I can't deal with entertaining the kids for the 8+ hour drive to Mom's funeral, or the 8+ hour drive back home. I am at the end of my rope. Asked if we could purchase Nintendo DS's to pacify the crew.

He agreed.

Went to get them today and saw that assassin's creed has a DS game.





I have wanted to play this one since I first saw it, but we couldn't afford to change the gaming platform we have.

aahhh, we are still on a N-64.

(with the original controllers...see through green and the gold one)

So now I am wondering if we need a third DS so I can be pacified too.

(insert image of cranky fat old woman dying of boredom on the drive)

either that or I need to drug one of the children so they sleep and I can use their new one.

(insert crying child while old woman plays AC for the whole 8 hour drive)

WAIT!! its my B-day next month!! I know what I want!!

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