Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We were taking goofy pictures and trying to out do each other. Take picture - turn over camera - laugh - repeat. 

I lack the ability to look cross eyed. I simply fail in that skill. My son however is quite good at doing it on demand.

That is one of the braces I am wearing 24/7 on my right arm...which accounts for some of the lack of blogging.

The best picture is one that I didn't catch. Its the kids reaction to seeing this photo when I flipped the camera over. OMG they laughed like hyena's. 

Dentures for the win.

(I will get to writing in a bit guys. I'm struggling to process everything that has happened this month. I am so overwhelmed. Plus my arm is hurting. I have come to the conclusion that this MVA injury is not going to heal and that is making me really sad.)

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