Thursday, October 18, 2012


So much to blog and my car accident injured elbow flared up and I am 24/7 in a brace and air splint for two weeks.

That is a long time to a writer.

Oh sure I can type one handed but the speed of my brain is way to fast for one set of phalanges.

My sister even gave a great blog idea and I can't write about it. LOL.

quick update then a poem.

The ultrasound showed two growths in my right boob. Which I find funny cause the left one feels like I am smuggling contraband in it. Its not suspected to be cancer, and they suggested I consider a biopsy. Even with 30% discount that is 1900$...aaah, pass.

My mother in law died on Tuesday. That is so strange to type...I have never thought of her my "mother-in-law" she was simply, "Mom".

Heading up to her funeral next week. The family is still smarting from grandpa dying this summer.

I want to write about all the stuff swirling in my head/heart, but see above.

I was reminded of an old poem today as Hansolo and were out. As we were walking the sun suddenly illuminated a single strand of spiders silk across the walkway.....right at neck level.

LOL, that similar image caused me to write this years and years ago.


So softly she sways in the setting sun
just several seconds since
she was strangled by a silvery strand of spiders silk
stretched sideways across the shadowy side walk


This poem was hotly debated in my writing class. First they didn't like the lack of punctuation, then all the SSS's and last the title.

The title actually has two meanings, the second one was unintentional. I was thinking HOMICIDE as in the spider had set out its single stand of silk to decapitate some pedestrian strolling by. The class was thinking SUICIDE as in the spider hung herself  which totally changes the whole imagery of the poem. Either way works for me man!

I refused to back down on the SSS's....this poem is meant to be read in a soft voice/whisper. Or even better lean over and hiss it into someones ear to really appreciate the musical tone of it.

Lastly the lack of punctuation. Years after writing this I was vindicated by a computer program my brother had. You typed in some of your writing and the computer would tell you what skill level it was.

He asked me for some of my writing on the spot and all I could repeat from memory was this poem.

He entered it as in. Computer promptly reported my skill level was hovering between stained beets and creamed corn.

Brother then added the proper punctuation and entered it again.

It then reported the writing sample as the highest you could get. He and my sister looked at me in new found respect for my dazzling skills as a writer.

*pumps chest* oh yeah baby.

P!! THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A "quick update then a poem." STOP USING YOUR HAND!

Get off my case I am typing with my feet....haters gonna hate, writers gotta write...

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