Thursday, October 4, 2012

You lead, I follow

This was written for a young father who's son was critically injured and not expected to survive.  I have altered one word in this version to change the feel of it. It applies to all of us. We don't get to pick who is sent to teach us.

You lead

I follow

Little son, before you were born

I saw my role unfolding

I would be your daddy, I would lead

you would follow.

I would show you places that would enrich your soul

deepen your heart

spark excitement and joy in your growing sense of self.

I would lead with strong determined foot steps,

cause I knew where we were heading

you would follow on toddlers feet delighting in the adventure

So much my son, to do in one lifetime

oh the hopes and dreams that opened up in me...for us.

Your tiny chest rises

then falls.



The click buzz whirr of the machines that surround us

not the lullaby I wanted to sing to you.

Your tiny chest rises

then falls. lead

falls.....I follow lead

falls....I follow

You never commanded an army,

yet here you give orders and lead me into battle and scary places I don't want to go

you have never stood behind a podium

yet here you lecture and teach me things no other have dared to.

We never got to play ball, yet

you have thrown so many things at me, it will take a life time to catch them all.

Little son, now that you are here

I see my role unfolding

I will be your daddy, I will follow you

You lead.

You will show me places that will enrich my soul

deepen my heart

I will follow a great man

who's little foot prints will leave deep impression on my life.

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