Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mom 1948-2012

You don't start a relationship with a person and think, "Are you worth the pain?" Will getting to know you and being your friend and falling in love with you, and enjoying a life time of memories together be enough compensation for the pain that your death will cause me someday.

You just leap into relationships and don't question it.

Mom sized me up the first time she me.  With exactly that look in her eyes.

She wasn't too thrilled that first meeting to discover I was nine years older than Corey. That small disappointment in her voice was a glimpse into her heart. She, like all mothers wanted her son to find someone to love and be happy. She worried about him being alone.

Corey and I were just friends when she met me. I never dreamed that she would someday be my mother in law.

You know that is so strange to write. Mother in law I never called her that or referred to her as such, she was always Mom.

I enjoyed getting to know her. We are a lot alike. Both beautiful, dark haired women who wear glasses, that are mysterious and battle within ourselves, and look awesome in hats! Plus we both think that Corey is pretty special.

Ginny if there is a TRAM button in heaven, you should push it, cause you got all the tricks now, and you left us all going set. I can just see you grinning like a Cheshire cat and you lay that 2 of diamonds down at His feet.

In the language of my people....Etgibniraundy 

There is no translation, just know it is given from my heart with sincere love an honor and deep respect.

Mom, you are worth this pain. I am so glad you battles are over now. That you are free of the pain. I know this pressure in my heart is one last hug from you, and I don't want to let it go.

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