Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First to be eaten

After a verbal skuffle with KSS I told the other kids to get in the truck and we would wait for her at the gate.

While we waited I silently fumed a bit about having to fight with KSS to come with us.

At last I turned to the other kids. "You know if we are ever stranded on a deserted island, KSS will be the first one to be eaten."

Her cousins busted up laughing.


I realized this summer that I have now become the "first to be eaten."

I am no longer a viable deserted island party member. I am not worth my salt.

I am no longer a breeding female. I am no longer physically able to build huts, escape raft, and most important ROW.

All I can offer is the knowledge of how to build shelter/raft, purify water, find food, etc.

But once I run out of my thyroid medication....I am worth nothing....and I get bumped up the list to become dinner.

That is a weird thing to think about.

My husband will not eat me. He gets a horrified look in his eyes and adamantly refuses to consider eating me if we are trapped on a deserted island.

I would eat him.

Actually you wouldn't want to be trapped on a deserted island with me. Because of this reason:

I have medical knowledge.

When I run out of my medication, I know where to find the thyroid hormone.

There is a supply in your thyroids.

So not only am I first to be eaten now, I should definitely also be, first to be killed in their sleep so they don't turn into a hypothyroid zombie!

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  1. We'll cut it out together and share cause u need it too... Note to self stock Up on thyroid medication, and antibiotics for the zombie apocalypse