Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Art show #1

My art didn't come from any deep talent. I was not driven to draw like I am too write. I simply had a lot of time on my hands. I spent my youth trying to draw as well as my older sister.

This is one of her silk screen prints. Her drawings were the holy grail I aspired to be like. In a strange way trying to be like her, forced me to learn more about myself and really stretched me as a artist, and helped me to find my style.

When I am gone some day and those who have access are going through my drawings they will toss those they don't like and perhaps keep a small handful that appeals to them. Or perhaps just toss them all away.

My art was part competition, part therapy, part carefully hiding the truth....and part exposing my soul, hopes and dreams.

I want to share some with you. These are from an art pad that ranges from 1989-1990. I am in the tale end of therapy and have a quiet time in my head to create. I don't have TV or the internet to entertain me so I draw a lot.

Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them.

 By this time I have gelled in my style and find that I love to pencil sketch, outline in pen and then fill in with colored pencils.

 While most of my art work is original ideas this book stands alone with many, many being drawn from actual photographs cut from books/magazines.

 Some are from my novel, The Children of Starr. This character is Nessia Cedar Starr, and he is playing in the thinking sand.
 Thank goodness for white out! ink is an unforgiving medium!
 By this time I have mastered my horses and can't improve any more. This is as far as they will evolve.

a far cry from this one done in 1977

 It's this time frame I discovered why they waste box space with white colored pencils and crayons. They can be used to create things like this. I employ that technique a lot in this book as it is really cool! It is a wonder pattern enhancer.
 Therapy drawing are still making a presence as I am working on reassembling my pieces and growth.
 Ha! this one still cracks me up. Hidden in the pattern of her wings is a the design I have burnt into my wrist. An attempt to make the self injury beautiful.
 Lots of self portraits.

 LOTS of self portraits! ha! this was a sketch of a photo I wanted to shoot to show off my belly scarification. I have that necklace, I own that knife...and I at the time owned that long hair and flat belly!

 The detailed work done first in white colored pencils then colored over with the another color. Way too cool. I wish I had known this when I was younger!

 This is where my people stalled too. This is my style.

 Many many pages of doodles. Used to move my hand in hope of enticing the muse to come. I loved to doodle in felt tip.

That is Chardra to the left there. A character in my story "The Twicked Family Reunion." My older sister and used to write stories on the kitchen table to pass the time. She came up with embryo eyes. (original idea? not sure never asked her.) First time I had heard it anyways.  So captivated by the image I drew it on occasion and finally crafted an entire story off the idea.

I have the story next to my computer and have tinkered with the idea of blogging it. Its no master piece, more along the lines of a way underground off the track, hidden behind the dumpster cult classic.
 another Character Audiaunna.  Trying at the time to find my voice as an author too. Many started stores as I try to find what I want to write about and what direction I want to go.

 On most if not all of my doodle pages you will find strange shapes and patterns. These are me trying endlessly to come up with a kick ass tattoo design to have done.

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