Thursday, December 22, 2016

Horror at Time Castle

This blog is for my daughter. A writer like me.  A weaver of words. A puzzler spider taking 26 letters and endlessly stringing them together to make a web of words to capture their readers.

There exists in a box of my belongings a great weapon.

I leave it to you.

Here it is:

You wield is like this:

It is all that remains of a vast empire. A boy named Noey used it to save his people. Few know it is also a portal capable of pulling people in and out of time.

I found this in the dirt while digging and to my surprise as I reached my hand through it to wear it as a bracelet, his young hand grabbed mine and I was enlisted in to his band to fight at Time castle.

I  am the last to know his story.

You will find some of it written down in my box of stories. Do not dismiss them as the ramblings of a child. It all happened just as I described.

This is the daughter of the king of the dog clan. Her name is  Taria.

She loves this boy from the unicorn tribe. Fram.

Time Castle or TC was a place of peace until the sorcerer Waldess drew the magic out of it and left everything broken and decayed.

It took both sides to fight in this war.

The wind sisters Kilo and Sheila were changed into beasts as well. They had to be captured as they could not be defeated by conventional weapons.

Waldess would eventually be killed by Noey. Not knowing the weapon's devastating power, the boy thought by using it, he would pull Waldess out of time. Instead it pulled him INTO time. There his life ticked down in seconds until it ran out.

As I carried the lifeless bodies of the tarpis from the battle field, I came across the weapon laying in the grass. Everyone was busy celebrating. I stole it. I tucked it under my shirt and when no one was looking used it to return home.

Daughter you must safe guard the weapon.

Only those who are writers can summon the energy web into the mouth of the weapon, and make it function. Use it wisely.

And if you ever go back to Time Castle. Tell them all hi from me. They will remember me as the warrior Tugi. I commanded the band of Mandolinchi's.

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