Friday, December 30, 2016

Art show #7 - misc.

Did a series of stippled horses.

Many years spend trying to perfect my art work. I wanted to draw realistically.  Always had ....err STILL HAVE a large file of pictures clipped from magazines/books etc that I wanted to draw when I couldn't come up with an original idea.
Damn it...LOL STILL trying to recreate a drawing my older sister did, Still trying to measure up.
A drawing I did that was used on a rafting brochure.
did I say years  and years for work invested in improving my art?  this is in the late 70's range.
Most of my home work turned in has some sort of cartoon on them.
Once I stumbled on cartooning, the quest for realistic drawing faded.
My cartooning got me into trouble on occasion.
This one nearly got me fired from HIHO.  Snerk.

Note the shift is clocking in at 10:30 pm. There starting the shift in this condition, also with only six vs the seven there should be. We had a massive shift turn over and only three core people remained and with a huge flux of new people and not enough of them the night shift got worn to a nub.

The day shift had been riding our asses relentlessly, so I made this funny, gently reminder for them to cut us some slack while we were trained and got the new people up to speed. I hung it on the time clock.

Next thing I know I'm being called into the DON's office and threated with being firing.  So this is my most scandalous art work to date!

Arms/hands were a constant pain to draw.

More inappropriate work humor.  THIS TIME I learned my lesson though, I didn't post it!

Not all my art work is good, or even worth keeping.

Not all of it is finished

I did master monster hands though! HAH!

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