Friday, December 23, 2016

Dear Santa, I would like a horse for Christmas. Love Paja

Christmas 1965:

They think because I'm a month old, they can get away with giving me no presents.....FINE. I'll just get the measles.

Christmas 1966:

Santa want "Glick Glick" (horse) puppies and another brother.

I was framed!

Christmas 1967:

Santa want "Glick Glick" (horse) puppies (again) Santa see my bow legs? I was meant to ride!

Christmas 1968:

Santa I wanna another brother.
 HEY! I meant a REAL horse!

Christmas 1969:

Santa I NEED a horse. A black one. Got handmade jammies.

Christmas 1970:

Santa i whant aye horsce for crissmus i bin good. paja xxxooo

Christmas 1971:

Horse horse horse horse horse Don't bring me anything except a HORSE!

 Christmas 1972:

Okay how about one small pony? We all got cowboy hats! your a mean one Santa, teasing me this way!!

Christmas 1973:

Big sister says your not real, and I believe her. (but just in case you are real, I WANT A HORSE!)

Christmas 1974:


Christmas 1975:

Dear Santa I really want a horse like Little Joe's or a buckskin like Pa Cartwright's.

Christmas 1976:

Santa I got a sister for my birthday, how about a horse for Christmas so I can take her riding?!

Christmas 1977:

SANTA! is this a hint of things to come?!! A magazine on horse care!!

Christmas 1978:

Santa! Just one horse/pony and I will stop pestering you PPPPLLLLLLEEEAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEE!!!

Christmas 1979:

Santa, I got a brother for Easter, kittens for 4th of July...things are on a roll! How about a horse for Christmas!!

Christmas 1980, 1981, 1982:

Black horse, chestnut horse, palomino horse, Arabian, mustang, draft horse, race horse, Connemara, roan, sway back old nag I don't care as long as its a horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986:

Santa I am working nights at HIHO, feel free to drop my horse off at work. I can graze in p-wing's yard until I get off at 7 am.

 Christmas 1987:

Stopped by and saw my siblings. Guess what I see on my sister list behind me. Yup,a horse. Santa, I asked first!!

Christmas 1988:

WHOA!! puppies again! Santa I said H - O - R - S - E !!

Christmas 1989, 1990, 1991:

Santa, still working nights, still want a horse, still waiting...

Christmas 1992:

Okay Santa.
I don't want puppies.
I don't want another brother.
I don't want clothes.
I don't want fruit cake.

Christmas 1993:


We got Tinkerbell for Christmas. The farm kids wanted to ride her. She was acting spooky, I insisted on getting on her first. She reared up and flipped over on me.

 She dislocated my pelvis and fractured my sacrum. $15,000 worth of surgery/hospital stay and one metal plate and 4 big ass screws and I am good to go. That was an interesting Christmas. Ambulance ride and emergency surgery.

 The other bills were pretty scary at the time.
 On my CNA salary.
 in a complete fluke I actually had insurance that year because HIHO paid for it. In my 15 years of employment that year, 1993. Was the ONLY year I had health insurance.
 In the end, staring at  $15,000 +  worth of bills, all I had to pay was the $500 deductible. Which the house insurance paid. All it cost me was....nothing.

Christmas 1994:

Santa, I've given it a lot of thought, and this year I would like a gold fish.
(A small one.) -  Paja

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