Sunday, May 13, 2012

blogging under the influence of narcotics...

I had a funny mo-day story to blog about today. But life saw fit to mess with me a little bit yesterday. Okay mess with a LOT yesterday.

While crossing an intersection I was T-boned by a car that ran the light. The lady clipped the car in the next lane then barreled into me. She was ticketed and did have insurance.

Truck driveable, me in a heck of a lot of pain. Two trips to urgent care and 4 x-rays. Nothing broken just very very sore. Arthritis and a sheet-load of old ortho injuries jostled around in a car accident = ooh-ouchie-ouchie.

My Daddy put those running boards on there and his work is superb...It was like having an armored vehicle. I think the damage would have been much worse.

one good thing is the impact was so hard it spun my truck nearly completely around. The resulting centrifical force moved all the junk on the floor (fries/kid food droppings/all the popcorn /dirt/leaves etc) to the passenger side and when I opened that door it all fell out. Cleaned my truck with out even trying too. LOL.

Before you get scared at the sight of my trucks interior...I should tell you this. Cars are your getting you there an back. I do not keep my truck clean, we live in there and I have enough to deal with in my life without stressing about a messy car. Matter of a fact the only time S'more was regularly cleaned was while I lived on the farm and I would leave the door open and Harry, Lacey and Habeebinsan the goats would clean it for me. The greatest thing about a trashed vehicle is no one ever asks you to borrow it. LOL.

About the no door panel on the passenger's door...LOL no that's not to keep in my victims, that is a whole other funny blog topic for another day.

So this is what I got for mother's day....

Wish there was a way to show you the skeletal/muscular pain. Yikes.

Paramedic: Are you hurting anywhere?

P: (staring at him)

Paramedic: Ma'am?

P: I always hurt, so I am having a hard time answering that, trying to decipher what is the chronic pain and what is new.

after a very restless night it all got sorted out. Easy to pick out new vs the chronic. argh...i hurt really bad, ruined my whole day today.

Good old S'more. He's been a good truck. Hopefully when they check him next week there will be no serious structural damage.

Me on the other hand I think it time to declare me totaled.


  1. This showed up in my feed today, so when did the accident actually occur? Glad you are OK. Ironically I avoided instantaneous death in my vehicle yesterday. My mere inches. It was a very odd experience.

    1. What?! is it open hunting season for 'really cool people' or something? geesh I'm staying inside.

      Glad to hear you escaped your rendezvous with traffic roulette. Your scroll of protection must have still been valid..or did you use 'potion of quick breaking'?

      Happened Sat evening. I didn't even realize how hard I was hit until I looked in the back seat and saw what the impact did to the buckled in booster seat. Thank God I didn't have my kids with me.

      Every time I look at my truck I am seeing more damage to it. That is just revving up my anxiety. We cannot afford to replace it. And since my work is 37 miles away I kinda need my truck. I hope what I am seeing doesn't equal up to totaled vehicle.

      I drove the accident report to the DMV yesterday and it was awful. I was jumpy and nervous and scared to be driving. It made me sick to my stomach to have my daughter in the truck. You want to protect your kids you know? But how do you protect them from something like that - where you have no control? uugh.

      Do you have a medical info sheet on B that is attached to his car seat? So that if God forbid anything happened to you
      while he was in the car the EMS would be able to contact someone to help decipher his actions? I am a strong supporter of that. There are document holders that velcro on to car seat straps/seat belts.