Thursday, May 31, 2012


So last month when I started this blog I was wondering what my mind would come up with to write about. That night on the 45 min commute home from work I saddled up and rode out into the wilderness of my writers mind to see what I could round up.

There were the usual stories that have been there for years that I occasionally pull in and try to break. There were the old polished stories that are dead broke. And there was an entire herd of young unbroke undisciplined colts. Who didn't need rounding up they came stampeding into my round pen with enthusiastic energy.

I sat for some time on the round pen fence watching this herd of cavorting horses. They jossled and spared with each other trying to catch my eye and force me to write more of their story. I will be happy to do so.

Today I am experiencing steroid induced MANIC LEVELS OF ENERGY, from the prednisone I am on for my arm injury....and I am flying soooooooooo freakin' high.

I have had no energy since I was newly pregnant with JUR in 2001 that was the last time I can recall feeling normal levels of energy. Then the hyperthyroidism got rolling really bad and issued in a whole new era of fatigue.

So add cortisone aka speed-for-old-people into my old worn out body and BAM!! WOW! HELLO!!

I wanna clean my house write another novel swim the English channel and race the Hadron Collider an sew costumes an write an opera an star in movies an invent spray on food an climb Mt Everest and sing an dance and set a new worlds record for single most blog entries in a single day and HEY CAN I COME OVER AND DO YOUR DISHES? DOES YOUR LAWN NEED MOWING? CAN I WALK YOUR DOG? HUH CAN I CAN CAN I?

What an interesting adventure this car accident has IS BEING.

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