Friday, May 11, 2012

Four leggeds

Been thinking about my animals lately. Wanted to share some memories.

Barnyard therapy was a coping tool I used often when I lived on the farm. I talked to the horses, I talked to the chicken, Turkeys, peacocks and guineas. The goat even would listen patiently and offer her version of "tough love", but my pigs, man they were the best!! what wonderful therapists.

I had a regular 1,000 pound BIG pig name Poop and 6 little pot bellies. I loved to go lay out with the pot bellies as they sunbathed and talk to them. Something about laying in the dirt in a mound of little bodies was very theraputic. They would snuggle close to me and offer reasuring "buff buff's " (thats Vetnemies for oink I guess LOL)

One stress filled day I sought them out for some group therapy and found them in the back pasture basking in the sun. I layed done with them and in seconds they had all inched closer and Ribble started using his snout to rub my shoulders. (they also are excellent masage therapist too LOL)

I felt the stress just drain out of me into the rich dark soil.

"you know," I said aloud "I"ll fess up, I can never pay your therapy bill guys"

and as soon as that left my lips all six of them screamed jumped up and went bolting off squealing in all different directions.

I laughed my butt off. It was so funny. Guess pigs dont like working for free.

Oh and ROTFLMAO there was the time my grey pycho antisocial cat Shyhaliud (I have yet to meet a sane grey cat, I wonder whats up with that) Crawled up on my friend John's chest and just starred at him with a mennising look. I mean she was STARRING him down.

He was laying on my bed with me watching movies. She sat there learing at him and he was getting nervous knowing she was not a normal cat. He finally asked me in a whisper..."she's not going to hurt me is she?"

I glanced over at her. "I dont think so..."

About that time she lifted a paw and flicked her claws out like there were switch blades (remined me of Freddie Kruger LOL) and very slowly cleaned her pads with claws exstened, as she continued to stare John down.

"....Uh," I continued "I think she wants you off my bed"

That was the fastest I ever saw my friend jump in my life. LOL

And there was the time my basenji Sirriojohn had accompanied for a walk down to the newstand. Our usual routine was to buy popcorn and share it. This trip was specifically to pick up a new magazine. I tied him to the parking meter and told him:

"Not getting popcorn today Rio, sorry."

I came back out of the store and he was in the EXACT same position I left him, but his leather leash was chewed up into like 900 peices.

He looked at me with a "that will teach you" look.

I miss having animals. They added a certain furry insanity to my life.

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