Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Well since my arm is out of commission there will be blog silence. I will leave you with pig porn to admire while I heal up.
Oh you're welcome, I just knew your day wasn't complete without some bacon....and some of my bull :)

(click on the image, you know you wanna see it closer )

and, no I am not on narcotics today...I am this weird normally.

speaking of large white lumps of bacon...

That's JUR trying to convince Hansolo to get out of her tauntaun cocoon and come play with him. (Sept 2006) poor feet were as swollen as Miss Piggy's belly up above.

Going back to doctors on Friday...hopefully my arm will be returned to me. Right now its sore as heck and having to be iced every couple of hours to maintain its function.

Oh and there is going to be a solar eclipse this weekend so if your in my neck of the woods, might wanna steer clear of my house....

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