Thursday, May 31, 2012

Scar tales

* * * *TRIGGER WARNING: I will be discussing Self injury scars* * * *

This comment came from an e-mail response to my blog post "visible mental illness"

"WHAT????? Your scars aren't from pirates or an acid accident in the lab or torture while you were a prisoner of war? I hope you tell a good whopper now and again! Unless you run the risk of a psych hold!"

Thought I would fill you in on the answers that I feel are appropriate to tell people who ask about my scars.

Most Children:

Child: What happened to your arm?
Me: I got hurt along time ago, and it left some scars.
Child: how did you get hurt?
Me: It makes me sad, and I don't want to talk about it.

You can be truthful and honest with children...without really saying anything. I never tell anything beyond that info if parents are not present. If they are present and they and I feel it needs discussed further I will elaborate the appropriate info to there age level.

Certain Children:

Child: What happened to your arm?
Me: When I was little my mama never told me not to play with matches, so I did, and I got burned. Did your mama tell you not to play with matches?
Child: yes
Me: this is why you should listen to her.


The truth.

Family doctor:

The truth

OB doctors who have the power to take your baby away from you:

I was _______ in childhood, I took up SIV (self inflicted violence) to cope with it. I spent 4 years in therapy to learn and implement healthy coping skills and its been 15+ years since I last injured.

(but STILL be prepared to find this note printed in giant bold letters on the front of your chart...MAYBE A DANGER TO INFANT - WATCH CLOSELY POSTPARTUM, hello what part of "SELF" injury don't you understand?)

Adults I feel like educating:

The truth.


I look crazy eyed at my arm and exclaim: "HELLIFINO, but it looks like its spreading, must be contagious! I wouldn't get too close if I were you!"

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