Sunday, May 6, 2012

Double Cranko with the kids

I love playing card games with kids. There is nothing like it in the world.

Farm kids and I played hours of poker and Bull(deleted). Lots of cheating and laughter. New kids and still lots of cheating and laughter.

Sat down and played Go Fish my kids the other night.

My turn...ugh, brain fart...I can't remember who I asked has a seahorse last turn, curse my foggy old brain. I eye each child trying to will the info to come to my brain. "Hanster do you have a sea horse?"

She smiles and scrunches up her face in a smug smirk. "Answer is still NO, I have a fish and a crab and a whale. Go fish!"

Brother and I  laugh. "Hanster your not supposed to tell us what you have."

"I can't help it. I have to tell you" she said. "Is it my turn?"

I draw my card and nod.

She turns to brother "do you have a crab?"

He wiggles like a excited puppy. "Nope, go fish!"

She draws and tucks it in her hand. Her eyes are bulging behind her cards. She lowers them to reveal her mouth. "I drew a squid." she exhales and slips back behind her cards.

"she did, I saw it when she drew." Confirms my son.

She turns angerly to her brother "stop giving away what I drew!"

I suppress my laughter "Sister, don't tell us what is in your hand and don't tell us what you draw."

"ok" she sighs and then looks at her hand then back to us. "Squid"

"Hansolo! Keep it to yourself!" I cackle. "JUR your turn."

"Mama hand over your seahorse."

I hand it over.

He places his pair on the table, looks at his remaining card and excitedly exclaims "UNO!"

I can suppress my laughter no more. "Well if we are playing Double Cranko then I win." I lay down my hand. "Gin!"

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