Tuesday, May 14, 2013


So I am having the sort of day where its either go back into therapy or go eat donuts. Donuts are cheaper and quicker so I opted for that option.

What I really need right now is a box of Twinkies. That would right the balance within me and return me to harmonic bliss. I have two months to wait for that, so I have to struggle through this without one of my biggest food therapist.

Me and Hansolo went and got a dozen donuts when she came home from school.

She picked them out.

Let me stress that again.


Upon arrival home I open the box and ask her which one she wants.

She looks in turns up her nose. "You should have gotten twists."

The space time continuum wiggles and folds and I find myself in the future with a young gentleman. He and I are on a blanket at the park woofing Twinkies like frat boys. My grand kids are playing "penis" squirt guns near by.

"I just don't get it mom, she picked out the house, choose all the paint, and furniture and still its my fault we live there."

"Preaching to the choir Son-in-law." I say stuffing another Twinkie in my face. " I did warn you through, I tried to tell you what you were getting into when you asked for her hand in marriage."

"Yeah, you did..." he chuckled reminiscing with a distant look in his eyes. "You were so subtle and discreet with your RRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yell."

I pat his leg in condolence. "You'll get through this, you will."

He grew silent. "you know mom I think, I finally have figured out that message you put in our wedding card."

We looked at each other smiling in silent conspiracy.

I nodded.

When loving my daughter and living live with her, expect twists, enjoy the twists, and always get at least one twist, no matter what she says.

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