Friday, May 31, 2013

Whaz in yer foot lockah?

Oh lordy, the next door neighbor boy was playing with Hansolo, and noticed the foot locker in the living room. He is a sweet three year old.

He says to me "you got dead body in there?"

Again he is three....uh, so I say to him. "do you have a dead body in your footlocker at your house?"

"yeah!" he nods. Perfectly natural giving me a look like, crazy woman , where else would you keep a dead body?

So now I have been pondering all evening....are my neighbors killers ....or worse, do I look like someone who would have a body in the foot locker.

Personally, I think I look more like the type that would dismember bodies and make strange alters with the remains. Or sell them on eBay. (wait.. I really HAVE sold body parts on eBay Bwahahahaha!)

I just love this part of town!! It feels my writers mind a steady diet of junk food!

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