Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yearly speech IEP

(soooooo tired this morning eyes crossing. Didn't get home from work/into bed till 4:00 am.)

Hansolo had her yearly  IEP meeting this week for her speech therapy. Of the three sound goals she has mastered two of them, so they still want to keep her for another year and focus on her "S's."

I normally try to listen and take notes, and ask questions so I can glean anything that I can do to further help my child. All while also trying to present the image that I am a well balanced parent who doesn't suffer from various mental health issues.

But this meeting I freaking lost my mind!!

As the speech therapist was reading down the list of topics she got to "Things hindering progress" and says.

"Her attendance. You really need to work on that."

No response from me, and it probably looked like I was pondering the info.

But inside I could feel my head slowly rotating like Linda Blair's in The Exorcist. I heard some part of me say in a quiet voice leave it alone.

Too late.

I felt myself rising up off the chair in a possessed levitation hover. My mouth opens and green pea soup comes pouring out.

"I will not send my sick child to school! I don't keep her home for fun. She has been sick more since starting school then in her entire life. This communal tables with six+ kids sitting shoulder to shoulder, face to face, sharing pencils out of a common tub is a giant germ factory. You teach them to cough into their elbow, but their elbow is in their neighbors face. Go back to individual front facing desks and I bet her attendance will improve!"

The priest sprinkles holy water on me and I return to my chair.

She has speech therapy for 45 min on Thursday's.

She missed speech therapy two times.

I'm getting to dang old to play nice with others.

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