Friday, May 10, 2013

Oh yeah? Well the proof is in the purse!

I posted this a while back.  Best-est older sister on planet.

I know what you thinking. How can you trust the judgement of a woman who wears olives on her fingers and talks to herself on her blog.

I'm not saying you would want me as a character witness for you at your trial, but you can trust me on this one.

The proof is in the purse.

My sister is incredibly talented. At EVERYTHING. And if she isn't she has the kahonnies to learn to be talented at it.

She recently took up leather work again.

She made me this in the 70's.

Then never touched leather again until she decided to pick it up again in February and make me this:

My question is how does she do that? It's like she wakes up and says, "Oh, I think I will learn to play the harp today. Casually glances at a harp book at noon, and then calls me to come to Carnegie Hall for a recital that evening.

Spontaneous genius craft creativity, is that a superpower?

She really caught me off guard with the choice of picture. I knew she was making me a purse but I NEEEEVER saw the choice of picture coming. That is one of my drawings from my book Lina Likes.

"Lina likes to pretend her bike is a run-away mustang named Diablo, and she is a Mexican princess named Boots!"

I consider her to be extremely talented as far as art goes, and it is incredibly honoring that out of her vast repertoire she stepped aside and choose a drawing I had done. I am just giddy that she copied something I drew, after I spent a life time coping her work.

Her stitching is FANTASTIC, a two liter of zero coke got spilled into it and not one drop dripped out. Its design is perfect for smuggling in juice bags and snacks for the kids at the movies. It is just so me.

I am glad she listened to Uncle Ben and heeded his words. "With great power comes great responsibility."

She uses her awesome superpowers for good.

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