Friday, June 13, 2014

Baby bird

The baby bird tumbled from the nest and landed at her feet. In such a hurry she was, she almost kicked it.
She stepped around it and kept walking.
It tweeted loud, distressed tweets.
Finally she turned back and returned, plucked it up and set it quickly back in the nest.
A short while later her path once again passed by the nest. The baby was again on the ground again, this time hunched and puffed up with eyes half closed.
“what are you doing little one?” she asked concernedly, as she slid it back into the nest.
aaaand I'm out of time to write today. Okay, you will have to wait to see what happens in the story. Well...I have to wait too to find out, this little blurp just surfaced the writers pain and it comes with a promise of being a good story, I just have to buck it out and polish it.
We are off to the coast for a chess tournament and to just breath.

I am mentally....doing okay considering the roller coaster I rode the last two weeks. Physically...eeh....not so good. Maybe the sea air will rejuvenate me.
Peace be the journey

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