Monday, June 9, 2014

Well that didn't last as long as I thought it would.

I must have a job. I cannot do this. I thought I could take a vacation and deal with my health issues, but the stress and anxiety is going to have me job hunting tonight next week when we get back from the coast.

I have two days left at my current job.

My anxiety is off the charts.


Not helping tonight with its foot firmly on the PUSHMEOVETHEEDGEPEDAL is the financial aspect. Truck had a fire in the headlight line....just 229$ to fix. Hubbys car just needs replaced completely.

ragged breath...

We will get no where with me running my self into the ground physically/mentally.

Or burning the crap outta my self either.

2 days to stay safe.

didn't we just play this game recently? Like just the other day?  I am SOOOO tired of my head tonight.

(6-9-14 - I am safe, hubby home. he has medicated me since I don't trust me not to swallow the entire other bottle of Ativan. he's talking with me and helping me through this. People...your support team is important, if you don't have a solid on that, they can safe your life.)

6-10-14 - update: mmmmkay....waaaay to stressed to deal with stuff right now, so I am turning to my food therapist Mr. Peach pie and his assistant Miss Whip cream to offer me their wise council and warmth and goodness.

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