Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Righting the wrongs of the universe one tricycle at a time

 Came back from dropping the kids off at school to find a small boy on broken tricycle resting his head on the fire hydrant, his face defeated from trying to keep up with big brother and mama on a defected vehicle. 

 "What's wrong little one?" I asked.

 He sighed and squished his too long legs back on the too little pedals and slowly left to go after his mother.

 I spoke with his mother and then set up my ambush.

 I went and got WEEEEEE! out of the garage. (yes our tricycles name is WEEEEEE!) I set it by the fire hydrant and waited.

 They were back shortly and as soon as he saw it, he abandoned his too small broken trike and came running with a huge grin. Saddled up and was off with the wind in his hair and squealing gleefully..
I have been holding on to WEEEEEE! waiting for the right child to come along to pass it on too.


 JUR and all his friends rode it,

Hansolo and her's too. Now its once again racing the sidewalks and creating more memories, and I get to add another child's smile to my stack of wealth.

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