Tuesday, June 3, 2014

hmmm...might need lessons.

Might need vacation lessons.

I still have eight days left at my job and I am already looking ahead.  On the list of things to ponder are:

1.  get my medication aide license again.
2. go back to school and take my math class and graduate with a AA degree!
3. heck....go back to school and get a new education and career path.
4. become a bum.
5. go back to long term care.
6. start my own business.
7. gather a raiding party and roam the country side plundering.

I'm partial to number 7, as I look good on a horse and I have a sword.

Your not suppose to be already looking for a job, your suppose to be relaxing and taking a much needed break.

I know, but I really will  need lessons, I have forgotten how to not work. I have been employed since I was twelve. I've been working since 1977.

I would be very surprised if I make it the whole summer. I am already feeling panicky that I do not have a job. How weird is that? I lack the ability to be a freeloader.

We should have a contest to see how long you manage to stay off.

okay, fine, the contest should be: What will be the thing that prompts the abrupt end to my vacation and results in my returning to work?

Lack of money to go eat Chinese food.

HEY! no giving hints!!

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