Saturday, June 7, 2014

hyperthyroid again


labs off slightly, most people probably wouldn't notice/feel effects but I sure do.

We are going to do some experimenting with my thyroid meds to see if we can't find a better balance with the side effects.

I started the experiment last week, but the stress with everything at work caused me to spin out badly, with the full return of the headspace that I lived with all winter. (NOT going back there!)

I am waiting to try again till the 16th.

So watch for nutty blog posts, raging thyroid psychosis manifestos and other tom foolery from my mind.

I will detail the med regime in another post. Right now I am off to work.

5 days left.

then for the fist time since 1976 I have a whole summer off.

I think I might return to school in the fall. I mean COMMON!! ONE, ONE! 
ONE class short from graduating college.

That diploma can keep my high school one company.

That sparked my interest, the possibility of going back to school. Opens a whole new realm of possibilities.

If only my blasted thyroid and mental health would stop playing the games with my head.

On a side note...I've managed to transverse the stress of leaving my much loved work family with out self harming to cope with the emotional turmoil. Just 5 days left.

At peace.

At least for today.

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