Saturday, June 21, 2014

see, I am okay

for all those worried that my cheese has slipped off my crackers. (it has but hey, we have already covered what a complete nut I am.)

Mentally things are improving FAST. I am 10 days job free and the crazy stress level is gone down to zero and I feel amazing., not so good there. I starting tweeking  my medication regime yesterday to see if we can't get the physical aspect back in control.

Can you see that edema in my shoulder? Its in my face,neck also, and just started going down my right arm. Not much fun.

I am working on the yard care for the summer right now and once that is done my aggravated chronic orthopedic issues should stop flaring and ease off  the MUSTKILLYOUNOW level of pain they are currently at.

All in all, enjoying having the luxury of time to relax and be with my family.

I can't thank my husband enough for helping me to make this happen. I couldn't do it without his love and support.


  1. What type of pain is this? I ask only because I have had all kinds of pain over the past several years, and it just keeps getting worse. I believe it to be linked with the stress from living day to day with Bennett, but I can't change my circumstances.

    Yesterday I started having the worst pain I've had in months, even thought Bennett was having a pretty good day and there were no major incidents at the time. It was everywhere. And my heat felt like it was racing, had Jen check my heartbeat. She said it sounded strangely SLOW.

    Isn't that crazy as shit?

    1. Dramamine warning: incoming up too early in the morning, jumping from thought to thought, nausea inducing switching of thought trains and probably incoherent reply.

      I get that too. Thyroid side effect. Are you using preperation H? (use witchhazel instead) or anything containing hydrocortisone? They can make it worse. Thyroids are such a bitch...a permanent punch in the throat if you will. Stress can cause that too.

      Your link BTW to the stress documentary, was timely and life saving. I needed to hear that message and I am so grateful for your blog and you. My goal this summer is to see if I can find a way to manually turn off my stress reaction. (I tend to get in the fleeing for my life mode and it lingers for hours and hours, (days?)) Since my childhood removed those normal shut off valves, I am going to see if I can fix this issue.

      You say: "I believe it to be linked with the stress from living day to day with Bennett, but I can't change my circumstances"

      along that lines...I am thinking I can't change my circumstances either, but maybe I can change how I/my body reacts to them? anyway that's my summer project.

      Read up on the different types. They sure can scare and fuel the anxiety in you. I find the feeling of it beating too slow the one that worries me the most. guess I have grown used to the ones where it skips a beat.

      Any new onset cardiac side effects warrants running a thyroid lab panel. And looking at all medications you are taking and there side effects and interactions with food.

      Muscle's have memories. (well they do medically in Pajaland anyway) I believe that myofascial pain syndrome is the equivalent of PTSD in your body.

      Anxiety can trigger muscle pain also. Kinda like your flinching, waiting for the blow to come. the longer the wait the more the anxiety preps for it...tadah...its rolls into actual physical symptoms/side effects.

      I am always having to decipher, is my chest pain muscular, thyroid or anxiety related. Or a combination of the three. I have had a hoilter monitor test so I do know that its medically thyroid related. thyroid/Heart issues are nothing to mess with.

      Vitamin D and B-12 levels also can be affected by thyroid absorption, causing fatigue and muscle weakness (we covered what a bitch thyroids are right?) With me when those levels are off I get runs of the slow sounding/feeling heart.

      so from your description I would think thyroid would be your main suspect.

  2. Heat was supposed to be HEART in there.

    1. I had to read that several times very slowly before I could spot the error. My mind just auto corrects spelling errors, which is why I am such a bad proofreader, I can't see them. You should see my un-spell checked blogs...sometimes I think that spellchecker writes more of my blogs then I do.