Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Abdicating the throne

Wait what? You can't do that.

Why not?

For starters you are not the Queen of anything, you have no throne to leave.

Well that small fact shouldn't be held against me.

I am leaving Thursday morning for a 4 day camping trip with my family.

Four days of being unplugged.



Mind you I get the bends when I have to re-boot and can't surf the net for 40 seconds.

I am horribly addicted.

I won't be able to stalk my blog to see what I am up to.

You are truly insane.

I thought we established that already?

You stalk your own blog?

LOL what part of horribly addicted are you not getting?

I am looking forward to camping, even though my back is messed up right now and the pain will limit my function. I look forward to making memories with my family.

When I started this blog it was to give me a focus and get my back into writing so that when school started I would have all the bucks out and I could get to work on my books. After getting sidelined by the accident for a bit,  I have found my rhythm and am starting to enjoy the daily writing again.

Now I have to take a break and my writer inside is pouting. She doesn't like being dethroned and made mortal again.

Relax, who reads your blog anyway?

Did you skip this line? I STALK MY OWN BLOG. At the very least I AM READING IT. LOL!
I am going to have to spend the next 4 days jotting down stuff to write about in my moleskin with archaic technology. I think I have some, oh what were they called? pencils?

I have made the decision that when Sept comes I will work on my book: The Bagman's Ball. Its time. It will Chronicle my 29 years in the nursing home field. I have tons of it scribbled on papers that I have in a box. Its time to tell this story. So many wonderful souls I have had the privilege to meet along the way.

Like the gentleman who each morning as I helped him off the toilet would exclaim."I am abdicating the throne for the good of my country men."

He always said starting the day with laughter was the best way to do it.

I agree with him, and its a shame he would abdicate each day, he would have been a fair and just King.

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