Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A reason is needed, I demand it.

I believe people come in and out of your life for a reason. That it's no accident and there is a purpose for them to be there.

Maybe to teach, give, show you something.

Or for you to teach, give, show them something.

Some people the gift is quick and they are gone. Others walk with you for long periods on your lives journey.

I have marveled at this quirky state of things in my life. How interesting it is to meet new people and await the surprise in the equation. More often or not the giving, teaching, showing you something is mutual and both parties become richer.

I have puzzled over the car accident that occurred two months ago.

How does this play into this philosophy of mine?

Today I deciphered it.

She came into my life in this explosive way so I could write this blog and show off a skill I learned when I was under 12 years old and have never had the opportunity to show off publicly before.

I can write with all four of my limbs.

And why do I possess this skill? Well cause I have 8 siblings, five of whom are boys. We didn't exactly play normal games. A favorite was called "hostage." (oh the joys of a large family, the mischief was abundant.)

The gist of it was you tied up your hostage and they had a certain amount of time to escape.

I was the most difficult hostage. If you left any limb untied I could write a note. Most hostages you took their shoes so they couldn't walk away. Me you had to shoe to keep me from sending notes.

I was working on learning to get the pen to my ear so I could write my note when my bros refused to play with me anymore.

Its been  20+ years since I last had an opportunity to show off this skill. Cause its not really the sort of thing you put on your resume.

So that is why she ran the red light and crashed into me. To injure my right elbow and remind me I possess this great ability.

And why am I in her life?

To make peace with all the madness in my head and heart this has caused I will think of it this way.

She needed to be stopped. Perhaps down the road there were children she might have injured. That in the great scheme of things I was the best thing to hit that day.

 Maybe she needed to meet me and there was no time to do it any other way. Maybe her life's puzzle wasn't complete without getting out of her car and seeing the yellow hand prints on my tail gate. Maybe that is all she needed.

Now aren't you all glad you met me without having to smash up the front end of your car?

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