Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I don't know what to title this. Not often that I am a loss for words.

June 30th my husbands Grandfather died. We traveled up to his funeral July 6th.

I lost all my grands years ago.

I was so excited when I got married and got a new set.

Grandpa Wally was something else. You don't find men like that much anymore.

He lived to see 5 generations.

Family was so important to him. Didn't matter if you were his blood or married in or just collected along the way. Everyone was greeted with loving arms and care.

He made a point to know you. Not just your surface but all of you.

He happened to be passing though my neck of the woods the day my son was born and he stopped in to meet his newest grandson.

He leaned over the incubator for a long time absorbing this new life, with a huge smile on his face.

There is something so different about the clan of people he leads. I am blessed to be apart of  the chain.

His funeral was like no other I have attended.

It was a day filled with family and love. No tears for me just gratefully enjoying the company of all those wonderful souls.

We drove home and had to wait 30 min before we could go into the house (we had bug bombed it before we left...take that spiders!)

We set off left over fireworks. Then Core and Hansolo layed on the cushions and stargazed.

After a while I joined them.

Then our son joined us.

We laid there in the darkness for less than 30 seconds.

Then the four of us were treated to a spectaular meteor blazing across the heavens .

It took our breath with it.

For the first time that day tears welled up.

Thank you Grandpa for checking in with us and telling my little family pod goodbye is such a beautiful way.

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  1. Sorry for your loss. Sounds like an incredible legacy...